Interview with Ray Collins

Ray Collins is an award winning photographer from New South Wales Australia

Interview with Shane Beschen

Shane Beschen is former US Champion and now coach and involved in Wave Pool technology development

Interview with Eric Gordon – Gordon & Smith

Eric Gordon is the son of the legendary Larry, co-founder of Gordon & Smith , legendary brand in the surf culture

Interview with Hank Warner

Hank Warner is a legendary surfboard shaper from San Diego California with over 50 years of experience in shaping customs surfboards

Interview with Brian Bent

Brian Bent is an iconic artist, surfer, skater and musician from San Onofre California

Interview with Dana Brown

Dana Brown is an american surfer and film maker son of the legendary Bruce Brown (The Endless Summer)

Interview with Beau Young

Beau Young is an Australian Longboard World Champion, Talented shaper and musician,

Interview with Cait Miers

Cait Miers is a very talented surf photographer from Australia

Interview with Kaito Ohashi

Kaito Ohashi is a Japanese pro surfer part of WSL

Interview with Mitu Monteiro

Mitu Monteiro from Cape Verde is a legendary kite surfer and winner of the World Title in 2008


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