Interview with Adam Paskowitz

Surfer, Captain, Dad and son of the legendary Doc Paskowitz

Interview with Drew Brophy

Drew Brophy is a legendary artist based in San Clemente California

Interview with Vicky Durand

Wave Woman is a charming and intimate biography, a love letter from a daughter (Vicky Durand) to her progressive mother who broke glass ceilings with simple curiosity and desire.

Interview with Tom Carroll

Today with us Tom Carroll legendary surfer from Australia, 2X winner of the world title in 1983 and 1984 and Pipe Masters in 1987

Interview with Joel De Rosnay

Today with us Joël de Rosnay, is Docteur en Sciences, scientific writer and famous for pioneering surfing in France in 1957 and created the Surf Club de France in 1964.

Interview with Jim Gray

Today with us Jim Gray, legendary skateboarder and founder of Acme Skateboards.

Interview with Craig Baird – Australian National Surfing Museum

Craig Baird is the curator of the Australian National Surfing Museum and guest of The Temple of Surf – The Podcast fourth episode

Interview with Craig Hollingsworth

Craig Hollingsworth is a legendary shaper that collaborates with brands like Lightning Bolt and Hansen, let’s discover more about him and his amazing stories!

Interview with Jimmy Redmon (Liquid Force)

Jimmy Redmon co-founder of Liquid Force discussed with us about surf, wake and much more in our second episode of the first series

Interview with Rob Machado

Legendary surfer Rob Machado guest of our first episode , first series


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