Interview with Pat Rawson

Pat Rawson is a legendary shaper from Hawaii he shaped for absolute legendary surfers like Tom Carroll, Buttons and many more!

Interview with Adam Paskowitz

Surfer, Captain, Dad and son of the legendary Doc Paskowitz

Interview with Drew Brophy

Drew Brophy is a legendary artist based in San Clemente California

Interview with Kalani Lattanzi

Kalani Lattanzi is a enthusiastic bodyboarder, surfer, and bodysurfer, famous in the Portuguese big wave surfing arena.

Interview with Duke Aipa

Duke Aipa, son of the legendary Ben Aipa and amazing shaper from California

Interview with Daves Vintage Surfboards

Daves Vintage Surfboards, collector of surfboards from Miami, Florida

Interview with Mark Buggs

Mark Buggs, important surfboards collector from California

Interview with Simon Tucker

Simon Tucker, former pro surfer from UK and now surfboards collector

Interview with Thomas Bexon – Thomas Surfboards

Thomas Bexon, founder and shaper of Thomas Surfboards from Noosaville in Australia

Interview with Vicky Durand

Wave Woman is a charming and intimate biography, a love letter from a daughter (Vicky Durand) to her progressive mother who broke glass ceilings with simple curiosity and desire.


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