Interview with Shane Beschen

Shane Beschen is former US Champion and now coach and involved in Wave Pool technology development

Interview with Beau Young

Beau Young is an Australian Longboard World Champion, Talented shaper and musician,

Interview with Kaito Ohashi

Kaito Ohashi is a Japanese pro surfer part of WSL

Interview with Mitu Monteiro

Mitu Monteiro from Cape Verde is a legendary kite surfer and winner of the World Title in 2008

Interview with Fred Hemmings

Fred Hemmings is winner of World Surf Title in 1968 and author, business man and political leader. Born and raised in Hawaii

Interview with Jeff Hubbard

Jeff Hubbard, from Hawaii, bodyboarder , 3 times World Champion and 4 times Pipeline Champion

Interview with Joey Cabell

Joey Cabell is a legendary surfer from Hawaii, know for his power and precision while surfing, winner of Makaha and Malibu contest in 1963

Interview with Ben Gravy

Ben Gravy, originally from Pensylvania, is a acclaimed videographer in YouTube and surfer

Interview with Tom Curren

Today with us Tom Curren, legendary surfer and winner of the world title for 3 times in 1985, 1986 and 1990

Interview with Kalani Lattanzi

Kalani Lattanzi is a enthusiastic bodyboarder, surfer, and bodysurfer, famous in the Portuguese big wave surfing arena.


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