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Interview with Giada Legati


Welcome to the 6th episode of the 5th series of The Temple of Surf, The Podcast!

Today with us, from Bali, representing Italy, pro surfer Giada Legati

We discussed with her about surf, Olympic Games, surfboards and much more!

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TTOS: Aloha Giada, welcome to the show, where are you today?

I'm in Portugal!

TTOS: Today we're gonna talk about many things, first question that I have for you is the same that I ask everybody, in your opinion, what is the most important thing in surfing?

Oh, good, good question….I think the most important thing in surfing, it could be either the community or the fact that we're always in nature. It's a sport, very intertwined with the ocean, which I feel is very important and it keeps you grounded and very present….. you're disconnected completely from everyone and everything while you're surfing.

TTOS: What was your first proper surfboard?

My first surfboard was a present from my family, I remember it was a board done by a local shaper, and I remember it was purple and pink and blue and all colorful, it was a five/eight. I remember the dimensions and it was the best thing, the best present I've ever had.

TTOS: Do you still have it?

No, I gave it to my mom's very friends, they have a little girl and I gave it to her as her first surfboard.

TTOS: But make sure that when she changes, when she gonna go for a new one, she gives you back that surfboard <laugh>….

Well, actually hoping she gives it to someone else as like, you know, as generations go by …cause she has a little sister, so hopefully that will be her little sister first surfboard, you know, I'll feel like I started something <laugh>

TTOS: Definitely, of course we wish that surfboard, maybe one of those girls one day would become a champion and will say “ah, the first surfboard I got from Giada!” . Yeah. <Laugh> that's nice….

TTOS: we will briefly talk about Olympic games because they just finished (this interview has been recorded in August 2021)…. did you watch them and were you happy about the results of Italy or even of other surfers that were there?

Yes, I did watch them, of course they were the first Olympics, I wouldn’t miss out. I was actually pretty happy with how everything worked out. I thought it was interesting and it was fresh and new and I'm excited to see what 2024 brings as well. Of course I was super happy to see Italy, you know, in there and see a few of my personal friends that qualified. I thought that was amazing, especially Rio Waida from Indonesia, you know, we grew up together, so I thought it was really cool to see him there and Leo (Leonardo Fioravanti) and a few other friends….

TTOS: Are you preparing for having a place in Tahiti 2024, the next Olympic Games?

Yes I am. I'm hoping, Tahiti is my dream. I do hope I qualify and Italy is giving us so much support, the surfing Federation is helping us so much and giving us so much support with our new coach, they're doing training camps every month and all over the place just to prepare us for different types of waves, I'm very excited to hopefully qualify for them.

TTOS: Have you ever surfed over there?

I've never been there, it's my dream.

TTOS: You live in Bali, far away from Italy, but you are of course Italian and that's amazing….. how do you see the culture evolving among your Italian friends, colleagues? How do you see that from yourself?

I've actually seen surfing grow so much in Italy and I've seen it become very popular, not only in Italy, but as well, everywhere I go, for example, here in Portugal or in Bali, I see so many Italian tourists coming to surf, not to do anything else.

I feel like that is huge for us, I think that's amazing and it's a great opportunity for everyone. I have a few friends that come to Bali a lot, like Giulia (Calcaterra), I see her surfing a lot and spreading surfing in the community, which is really cool as well, she's been charging there as well, hopefully more Italians will be on tour soon as well.

TTOS: Actually, I was reading that the rules of competing are changing, right? You have to compete in your own zone, explain that to me please?

They've changed it in to regions, obviously I'm in the European one, you compete in those QS to be able to qualify to the challenger series, which used to be the old 10,000 and from there, you can qualify to the CP. They've done it in order for surfers don't have to spend so much in traveling expenses, it's just more local. You know, especially after the pandemic, a lot of people got affected, I feel like it was perfect time to start.

TTOS: Good news. I hope there will bring more of the news of this kind, so far, what was the best moment of your career?

I would say last year, 2020, when we were all locked down, I got to spend a lot of time at home, which I don't tend to do. I got to step up in bigger waves and try different types of surfing, you know, not just shore breaks <laugh> and beach breaks. I got to surf, Desert Point a lot and Lake Peak, I felt that's where my surfing improved the most….

TTOS: You told me that now the Federation is giving to all of you a coach, right?

His name is Yann Martin, he's a French coach,we started with him last year as well, I feel like it's been a lot of improvement, which are good.

TTOS:  It matters a lot to have a great coach….

It's so important.

TTOS: We were talking about waves, what was the most memorable wave you surfed?

I think I've said this quite a lot, but for me, obviously Desert Point, those were the best ways I've ever caught my life. I will never forget, you know, my first proper, big wave and solid tubes.

TTOS: Tell us your future projects, now is summertime, it's time off holiday, but then what's next?

I'm going to be a little bit in Europe right now because, you know, Indonesia has a lock-down, so I can't go back. Obviously I will be talking with my Federation to see where we'll be training and I will keep my head down and training with our coach to qualify for 2024 Tahiti!

TTOS: We're gonna finish our interview with a short Q/A session, please answer the first thing that comes up to your mind. Okay.

The best surfboards that you ever ridden.

Definitely the boards I have now, my sharp eye that I got from the guys from Sharp Eye Indonesia hundred percent of the best board I've ever had.

TTOS: your favorite shaper

Chris Cut, he did all my boards.

TTOS: Personal question, your favorite song.

Oh, wow. I love music, everyone that knows me well knows that I listen to everything and I love listening to every songs from country to rap. Maybe right now my favorite song is probably from 50 cents  “Best Friend”

TTOS: I think I know the answer for the next question….your favorite surf spot…

 Desert point

TTOS: Who is your favorite surfer?

Rio Waida

TTOS: if you had to pick among women surfing?

Carissa Moore.

TTOS:  Last question is a little bit unusual, it has nothing to do with the surf, we want to know your best relationship advice….

I think always to be honest and you know, never to be afraid to, if you wanna say something, just say it, if it's good or bad…

My biggest goal, I think coming into when this whole pandemic thing happened was, you know, if I really care about someone is to never forget to tell them that I care about them and you know, never be afraid to just express love….

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