valerie duprat

Interview with Valerie Duprat

Valerie Duprat from California is the founder of Mere Made surfboards

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Interview with Sandy Ordille

Sandy Ordille is a former pro surfer and inducted in the Surf Hall of Fame

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Interview with Rochelle Ballard

From Hawaii Rochelle Ballard is a former pro surfer and now Yoga and Surf coach

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Interview with Rob Brown

Rob Brown aka Sanolocal in Instagram, is a surfboard shaper based in San Onofre, California

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Interview with Phil Grace

With over 54 years of career Phil Grace is one of the most respected australian surfboard shaper

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Slightly Choppy Scott Richards

Interview with Slightly Choppy

Scott Richards - aka Slightly Richards from Newport Beach is a californian surf artist

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Interview with Barton Lynch

Barton Lynch is 1988 ASP World Champion. Originally from Australia, today he lives in Hawaii

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Interview with Jon Pyzel

Jon Pyzel from Hawaii is the founder of Pyzel Surfboards

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Spider murphy Safari Surfboard

Interview with Spider Murphy - Safari Surfboards

Spider Murphy is a surfboards shaper based in South Africa and owner of Safari Surfboards

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Interview with Joey Buran

Joey Buran aka "California Kid" is 1984 winner of the Pipeline Masters

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