Interview with Hank Warner

Hank Warner is a legendary surfboard shaper from San Diego California with over 50 years of experience in shaping customs surfboards

Interview with Dana Brown

Dana Brown is an american surfer and film maker son of the legendary Bruce Brown (The Endless Summer)

Interview with Tim McKenna

Tim McKenna is a famous surf photographer living in Tahiti, among his best photos the “millenium wave” surfed by Laird Hamilton

Interview with Nev Hyman

Legendary Australian shaper and founder of Firewire

Interview with Tom Curren

Today with us Tom Curren, legendary surfer and winner of the world title for 3 times in 1985, 1986 and 1990

Interview with Pat Rawson

Pat Rawson is a legendary shaper from Hawaii he shaped for absolute legendary surfers like Tom Carroll, Buttons and many more!

Interview with Stu Kenson

Longtime surfer Stu Kenson has always been one of San Diego’s most respected custom surfboard builders. The founder of Evening Glass, Stu has worked with Weber Surfboards, Rusty, and Joel Tudor and his own label Stu Kenson Surfboards.

Interview with Tom Carroll

Today with us Tom Carroll legendary surfer from Australia, 2X winner of the world title in 1983 and 1984 and Pipe Masters in 1987

Interview with Craig Hollingsworth

Craig Hollingsworth is a legendary shaper that collaborates with brands like Lightning Bolt and Hansen, let’s discover more about him and his amazing stories!

Interview with Rob Machado

Legendary surfer Rob Machado guest of our first episode , first series


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