Interview with Bianca Valenti

Bianca Valenti is a big wave rider from California

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Interview with JJ MOON

JJ MOON is "The King of Surf" a fictional character that inspired surfers in the sixties and seventies

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Interview with Gillian - Shaped by She

Gillian from Australia is a surfboard shaper that founded Shaped By She

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Interview with Surfista Surfboards

Marion is based nearby Hossegor in France and founder of Surfista Surfboards

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Gary Linden - Interview The Temple of Surf - The Podcast

Gary Linden from California is a surfboard shaper and a surf legend with over 55 years of experience

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Interview with Chris Christenson

Chris Christenson is a legendary surfboard shaper based in California

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rachel lord

Interview with Rachel Lord

Rachel Lord is founder and shaper of Lord Bords Surfboards

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Interview with Robert Wingnut Weaver

Robert "Wingnut" Weaver is a legendary surfer and also protagonist of iconic surf movies like The Endless Summer 2

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Interview with Buzzy Kerbox

From Hawaii, former prosurfer and big wave rider Buzzy Kerbox

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brad gerlach

Interview with Brad Gerlach

Brad Gerlach is a former pro surfer, he is now a surf coach and founder of Wave Ki

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